In 2014 data, the rate HIV/AIDS for South Sudan was reaches 2.5% from population. Higher than Sudan until 8x

Prevalence Rate of HIV-AIDS (CIA fact book 2009)
The Africa Continent, home for 1.1 billion people. Approximately 40% population is Muslims, most of them widely spread in the northern region.

This region include Arabic language or natives African, such as Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algerie, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, etc.

Islam becomes the absolute majority religion in these countries.

On several countries, composition of Muslims and Christians adherents is not so different, that is around middle of Africa. Like Nigeria and Ethiopia, has equal number between Muslim and Christian.

But more to the south, the presentation of Islamic adherent is smaller until smallest.

Spread of religion

Sub-Saharan region or south of Sahara desert is the region with higher number HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the world.

Base of the UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) data, in 2013 there was 24.7 million Sub-Saharan living with HIV inside their body.

Northern Africa with Muslim majority become one place in the continent with smallest percentage of HIV/AIDS.

Example, for 96% of Muslims percentage in Senegal, only 0.5% patients of this virus. Compared with average HIV/AIDS in Africa, reaches 2.2% for 1.1 bilion people.

The uniqe fact is Sudan, where also Muslim-majority, the number of people with HIV/AIDS only 0.3%.

2011, Sudan split with the South Sudan (Christian-majority and Africa religion).

Base 2015 data, the rate HIV/AIDS for South Sudan was reaches 2.5% from population. Higher than Sudan until 8x.

The south area of Africa is the most severe level area of people with HIV/AIDS. For instance is the South Africa a number of 68 million people (18,9% population) are suffering from HIV/AIDS. The numbers of Muslims there are very minority, less than 2% of the population.

In Switzerland, the level of HIV/AIDS reaches 27,7%, while a number of Islamic adherents is not reaches to 0,2% there. 

The comparative number of HIV/AIDS correlated with the Muslims population for several countries (UNAIDS 2014-2015):

1. (Egypt, 95% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: < 0.1%)
2. (Senegal, 96% Muslims, number of  HIV/AIDS: 0.5%)
3. (Mauritania, 99% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 0.7%)
4. (Marocco, 99,9% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 0.1%)
5. (Gambia, 95% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 1.8%)
6. (Djibouti, 97% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 1.6%)
7. (Mali, 92% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 1.4%)
8. (Niger, 80% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 0.5%)
9. (Nigeria, 50% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 3.2%)
10. (Chad, 55% Muslims, number of HIV/AIDS: 2.5%)
11. (Togo, Muslims <20%, number of HIV/AIDS: 2.4%)
12. (South Africa, Muslims < 2%, number of HIV/AIDS: 18.9%)
13. (Swaziland, Muslims <1%, number of HIV/AIDS: 27.7%)
14. (Zimbabwe, Muslims <1%, number of HIV/AIDS: 16.7%)
15. (Lesotho, Muslims <0,1%, number of HIV/AIDS: 23.4%)

Ilustation "level" of HIV/AIDS by country (wiki)

Although there are many factors can determine the spreading of HIV/AIDS in Africa, but according UNAIDS data, the composition of Muslims population has inverted comparison with percentage HIV/AIDS. (UNAIDS/rslh)
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